Jo McCaig is an artist living in Toronto Canada.  

After graduating from The Ontario College of Art in Experimental Art, with a minor in Graphic Design, Jo worked as a graphic designer in Toronto Advertising Agencies and Graphic Design Firms for 12 years.

With a natural talent at drawing, Jo began creating commissioned House Portraits in finely detailed pen and ink  which are collected all over North America.

Dissatisfied with the confines of drawing, and eager to explore the visuals and emotions she experienced in the forests, Jo began exploring, through paint, the forest.   Jo's work has been included in selected exhibitions and is held in private collections.


Artist Statement


My work reflects an ever evolving exploration into the complex emotion that I experience in the context of nature, in particular the forest.

The forest communicates a force that is at once identifiable and mysterious. There is for me an instant calming effect, a benevolent power that invites not only a calming state of mind but a contemplation of the mysteries of sustainability  and how we are connected. 

I take the visual and emotional experiences that I feel and explore those elements in my paintings.

My observations of ever changing light, pulse, and energy together with the strength and geometry of the trees are communicated through the conscious and the subliminal memory.  Within the process of my interpretationI allow for the exploration of both my intentional and accidental gestures with paint onto canvas to capture that spirit.  


2016 Juniper Art Festival

2016 Arta Gallery Spring By Colour Group Show

2015 Arta Gallery Group Show

 2014 Ontario Society of Artists Juried Exhibition Emerging Artists Joseph D Carrier Gallery 

2014Juniper Art Festival  "Best In Show" 

2013Juniper Art Festival 

2013MJG Gallery Two person show

2012 Juniper Art Festival

2012 Private Art Show Flesherton Ont.